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At Dykes Lumber Company we do not accept credit card numbers over the phone.  You are welcome to download our credit card form, fill it out completely and email or fax it back to one of our nine lumberyards.  Please specify whether this is a one time purchase or if you would like us to keep your credit card form on file for future purchases.


Our employee application is available for download. Please email or fax it to Carla Cooper, Human Resources, and we will keep your application on file.  You can fax the application to


Dykes Lumber Company offers customers the option of opening a cash account.  By having a cash account all your purchases can be tracked in our system.  We are also able to retain job information that has been entered on sales tickets.  Please fill out the application and if you are a tax exempt customer or you would like to keep a credit card form on file, send that paperwork with your request to Donna Loscalzo, Credit Manager at

201-392-0589 (fax).

For customers looking to open a house/charge account with Dykes Lumber please fill out the credit application completely.  We have the ability to set up your account with specific jobs and make note of specific salesmen that are allowed to purchase on the account.  Please specify this information on your application.  If you have any questions about the application please feel free to contact Donna Loscalzo, Credit Manager at 201-867-0391, ext. 1130.  Please email or fax your completed paperwork to the Credit Department at 201-392-0589.





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